The Grind

Well… it is 2 years worth of cross post writing with my partner Faith Doer.  When I looked at the word count it was a staggering 2 million plus.  My first thought was that has to be a mistake.  There is no way that the two of us could have managed to written so much together.  As it is though, I have been clearing out the non story text (You know, “How was your weekend?” and those kinds of things).  I have already pulled one story idea from the woodpile, and it could be made into a pretty epic story on its own with some clean up and creating a sequence where there is closure.  Right now, I’m going through The opening storyline which was created because of a couple of characters we had RP’d with in the MMO World of Warcraft had very sad endings to their story, and we had decided they needed their happy ending.

There is so much to do and none of what I’m working with right now is really fit for any kind of publication, but the stories, the plots and the characters are there.  This is exciting.and so I am sure that grinding through this immense chunk of writing will provide us with the building blocks for proper novels that we hoped there would be.


How to write 1000 words a day (and not go bat shit crazy)

This will work for all kinds of writing.

The Thesis Whisperer

Recently I Tweeted a link to an article called “How to write 1000 words a day for your blog” which I thought had some good productivity tips for thesis writers. @webnemesis wrote back: ” would like to see someone write a blog post on how to write 1000 words of substance for yr dissertation every day”. Of course I answered: “Challenge? Accepted!”

When I was nearing the end of my PhD, I added up the number of words I had to write and divided them by the number of days of study leave I had left. Then I freaked out and had to have a little lie down. According to my calculations I had to write 60,000 words in 3 months.

After a  cup of tea (with maybe just a whiff of scotch in it) I contemplated this problem and made a PLAN, which was cobbled together from all the advice books on writing I…

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Oh Canada!!! Buggered Again!

I love professional sports.  The intense drama that unfolds in the playoffs is usually well worth watching.  Players step it up a notch and we live, breathe and die right along side our teams throughout.  However, it seems that anytime a marginal call can go against a Canadian team, it gets shafted.

Tonight, I watched a Toronto Raptor’s team perform a near miracle comeback to tie up the game at the buzzer, leading to an overtime period.  The Raptors weren’t doing well, down six, the Miami Heat were called for a shot clock violation.  Off they go to video replay to determine if the ball touched the rim.  If it didn’t, Raptor’s ball, only six points down.  If it did, the Miami Heat get a fresh 24 seconds to try and score. Replay after replay is shown.  The announcers are like, “Air ball,” or “We really can’t tell either way,” they show slow motion footage of the ball going by the rim.  One that they stopped on it clearly shows the backboard beneath the ball, yet it is ruled in favour of the Miami Heat, who with a fresh 24 manage to score giving them now a commanding eight point lead.

Now, I wouldn’t be writing anything right now if this was an anomaly, or that calls seemed to pan out 50/50 in professional sports during the playoffs.  However, you can almost guarantee that if there is a marginal call, and a Canadian team is represented, the call will ultimately favour the American team.  The Blue Jays for example in last year’s MLB playoffs had calls that would always without fail, go against them.  Is it ratings?  Is it because we happen to live in a different country that promotes common decency and gun control?  Maybe they just can’t stand seeing anyone outside of their country do well.  It really spits in the eye of fair play.  It’s not like I’m mad at a single incident either.

If I sound bitter I am. I’m sick of feeling shafted by officials in major sports, especially with terribly bad inconclusive replay as the evidence.  The call on the floor was a time clock violation, and it should have stood.  Sure this is my opinion, but I’m sure there are those who will agree.  Canadian teams never get the call in their favour.  This is a trend that needs to stop.

First Post!

Clean and simple.  Blank.  That’s what this editor was until I marred it with my cheap rhetoric.  Put downs aside, I suppose that starting any blog is like birthing a child.  Without all the pain, blood and hysterics of course. Not that I’d know any of that.  I’ve not had any experience in it, but I have had good sources tell me all about it.

Anyway here it is.  A blog for my writing.  I hope I can keep it up and active.