The Grind

Well… it is 2 years worth of cross post writing with my partner Faith Doer.  When I looked at the word count it was a staggering 2 million plus.  My first thought was that has to be a mistake.  There is no way that the two of us could have managed to written so much together.  As it is though, I have been clearing out the non story text (You know, “How was your weekend?” and those kinds of things).  I have already pulled one story idea from the woodpile, and it could be made into a pretty epic story on its own with some clean up and creating a sequence where there is closure.  Right now, I’m going through The opening storyline which was created because of a couple of characters we had RP’d with in the MMO World of Warcraft had very sad endings to their story, and we had decided they needed their happy ending.

There is so much to do and none of what I’m working with right now is really fit for any kind of publication, but the stories, the plots and the characters are there.  This is exciting.and so I am sure that grinding through this immense chunk of writing will provide us with the building blocks for proper novels that we hoped there would be.


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